Micro Microscope

Model no. MM 01

Model no. MM 02

Here are some videos showing the output from a Micro Microscope

In this video, 1/10 th of water drop has been used. This is a micro video photograph

This is a very interesting video on Micro World using Micro Microscope

The most amazing video on mosquito larva. Observe the inside part of a mosquito larva. Instrument used is RLMSCOPE-Micro Microscope

Unique Invention for viewing micro world.

Patent no.: 206458

Model no. MM 01

The followsing video provides a brief information on Micro Microscope and its invention

Brief History:

The unique microscope has been invented by Mr. Ramendra Lal Mukherjee an Indian Scientist, in the year 1998 with the novel aim of serving the entire cross-section of the student throughout the World.

National Award:

This invention has won Nation Award on Technology Day, 11th May 2002 by Govt. of India.

International Recognition:

Accepted and Recognized by World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland and published the Research paper throughout the World in the year 2000.

Product Specification:

Size: 105mm X 72mm X 35mm | Weight: 105 grams. With battery.
Magnification: 50 X.| Battery: 9V 6F 22 battery.
Battery life: 1 year under daily use of 1 hour.

Unique Features:

1) Very small in size. | 2) Very easy to operate.
3) Economical. | 4) No Fungal attack.
5) No need of external light source.| 6) Can operate in dark room.
7) Portable (easy to carry in pocket)
8) Excellent Micro Photograph can be obtained.
9) Suitable for field study.| 10) Excellent picture quality.

Who Can Use?

a) Any school student from class II onwards.
b) Any biology student.
c) College students studying Botany, Zoology, Micro Biology, Physiology etc.
d) Engineering students studying Bio-Technology,
Bio-Chemical Engineering etc.
f) Research Scholars working in field.

The following video shows details about Micro Microscope Model no. MM 01

Model no. MM 02

Product Specification:

Size: 105mm X 72mm X 140mm ( with fitted condition )
Weight: 245 grams ( with battery ).| Battery: 9V 6F 22 Battery.
Battery Life: 1 year under daily use of one hour.
100X and 450X with 10X eye piece. (provided inside the Box).
50X and 225X with 5X eye piece (optional)
150X and 675X with 15X eye piece (optional).

Unique Features and users are same as Model No. MM 01.

The following video shows the details of Micro Microscope Model no. MM 02



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