This video shows a demo of the Pocket Ventilator


This is a Portable Rechargeable battery operated Respiratory device.

Wearing a mask for a very long time is very dangerous following problems that may occur.
  • Inhaling air (O2) is very difficult.
  • Oxygen level becomes very low.
  • Inhaling CO2 continuously.
  • Reduced Oxygen percentage in the blood which is very dangerous.
  • etc..
    Pocket Ventilator can resolve the problems.

    The Instrument can be used in various applications

  • Direct Health workers (Nurse, Hospital workers etc)
  • Patients having respiratory problem
  • Can be used in a polluted place
  • Can be used in an infected zone
  • Can be used in hill station where oxygen level is very low
  • Can be used in area where using mask is compulsory.
  • Can be used for COPD patients etc.
  • Usage Guide

    Pocket Ventilator has two parts

    1. Power Unit
    2. Mask and Ventilator Unit.
  • Connect the Jack with Jack Socket of the “Power Unit”.
  • Wear the “Mask” properly.
  • Switch ON the Power Unit.
  • Can be used in an infected zone
  • Two Indicator LEDs (Power Unit and the Ventilator Unit) will Glow.
  • Control the Ventilator Air flow along with Oxygen by using the Control Knob.
  • Charge the Power Unit by using “Mobile charger”. Red Color indicates the charging condition and color turns Blue while charging is completed. Charging time is 3 to 4 hours. Instrument will run 6 to 16 hours when fully charged depending upon the flow condition.
  • For cleaning the instrument “do not wash the Mask or Ventilator unit”. Use surface sanitizer spray and clean with a tissue paper or cotton cloth. Switch OFF the instrument while not in use.
  • Keep the instrument in a safe place.

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